The Training Your Team Needs When Everyone Is Too Busy For Training

Staff members are stretched, stressed, and often sensitive because of it. They need support more than ever, but when?

How do you give them tools in very little time?

Equip them to lead in less than 20 minutes a day.

Everyone has potential to lead, whatever their title or position on the org chart. They simply need to know how to lead themselves first- with a calm demeanor, respect for others, a desire to take right action, and a plan to follow through. This fosters courage, confidence, and strength for the individual.

As each person quickly learns to be self-aware and intentional...
The team gets stronger.
The company gets stronger.
The community gets stronger.
The greater good gets stronger.

Give Them Stronger Method Training

"Stronger" is an acronym, a method, and a step by step tool. 

A Step By Step Tool For:

  • Decision making.
  • Problem solving.
  • Project management.
  • Personal accountability.
  • Productive collaboration.
  • Meaningful conversation.
  • Awareness of diversity as a strength.
  • Conflict resolution (while raising awareness for individual responsibility).
  • Strategic thinking (while reducing reactionary behavior).

An Acronym For:

  • Steady oneself.
  • Take control of oneself.
  • Respect oneself & others.
  • Own one's responsibility.
  • Nix what is outside of one's control.
  • Go do one's personal part.
  • Evaluate the outcome.
  • Refine one's approach.
Get The Explainer Video

Stay within the budget & let us do the admin work.


Video lessons & digital coursework for the individual on desktop, tablets or mobile. Group interaction not required.

Socially Relevant

Asynchronous content that broadens personal perspective & helps participants appreciate diverse viewpoints.

Efficient & Effective

20 lessons, 20 minutes each. Choose self-paced or weekday delivery. Group pricing makes it easy to enroll teams.

Results Oriented

Pre & post assessments to gauge efficacy. Plus weekly reporting on participant engagement & progress.

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What Makes Us Stand Out From The Crowd?

Inclusion + Personal Attention

We Level The Playing Field:

  • A level set for both novice and seasoned employees and leaders, giving everyone the essential tools for success.
  • Equally accessible for on-site, remote, and field employees.
  • Co-created by a senior executive & mental health professional, marrying individual and organizational psychology.